For more than 20 years, Clarendon Flavor Engineering has manufactured flavoring for a wide variety of products and industries. Using the knowledge and experience of our flavor chemists, we hand craft our flavors to fit the needs of our customers, while complying with the always changing requirements of the customer's specific industry. We are committed to providing excellent technical support for our flavors, and take pride in the opportunity to help with the development of finished products.

We specialize in flavoring for specialty beverage marketers for products such as natural, artificial, or organic soft drinks, juice added and flavored sparkling waters, and non-carbonated fruit and tea products. We also have considerable expertise in beverage alcohol flavorings and supply flavors for use in low proof, sweetened alcoholic beverages as well as higher proof whiskey, gin and rum products. We welcome the opportunity to participate in new and creative ways ways to use our skills.


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