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For over 30 years, Clarendon Flavors, LLC has manufactured flavoring for a wide variety of products and industries across the globe. Recognizing the need for technical innovation in the beverage industry, Clarendon’s Chemists specialize in developing new product recipes and adapting existing formulas to meet and exceed the ever changing expectations of its customers. With a team of experienced and trained beverage scientists, Clarendon uniquely hand crafts a myriad of beverages and flavorings such as:


  • Beverage alcohol flavorings and blenders

  • Low proof, sweetened alcoholic beverages

  • Natural, artificial, and organic soft drinks

  • Juice added and flavored sparkling waters

  • Non-carbonated fruit and tea products


Clarendon uses high quality ingredients and formulations to develop entirely new types of product for its customers. Clarendon is innovative and has the experience and technology to match existing flavor profiles for its customers. 

Clarendon is innovative and has the experience and scale to provide quality products and services to any size customer.

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